The most annoying trend in web

Posted on August 11th, 2017

It’s happening everywhere. Visit a website, sign up for a new service or just return back to your favourite web app. The moment you enter there’s a super-friendly chat box saying “Hey dude, great to see you here! How can I help you?".

No, you cannot help me. I came here to do my thing, I don’t need your help for that. I didn’t have any problem until your chat box disrupted me.

Live chat has become one of the most popular ways to provide better customer support for website users. But allowing customers to chat with your experts is not the same as forcing your customers to see slimy short messages jumping on screen when least needed.

Customer success doesn’t require constant messaging. It actually doesn’t require contacting at all if everything goes smoothly. Only when customer is having a moment of hesitation, that’s the point when a live chat could come into picture.

And there's the paradox: Customer's hesitation is exactly what companies should avoid - customer's question is typically caused by bad usability or missing feature. A chat box is a poor fix for that.

There's only one cure: Make your app better. Hide your customer support live chat and expose it only when it’s really needed! It’s a great tool when used correctly, but overdoing it only pisses the customers off.

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