Three cornerstones of any agile team

Posted on November 11th, 2017

Every agile software development team is different, but there are three cornerstones that are same for everyone. Otherwise a team cannot be called agile.

  1. Transparent operations - Every team member must be able to understand what is happening around. This requires for example low hierarchy, continuous coaching and transparent workflows and processes.
  2. Regular inspections - All outcomes of people’s work must be exposed under regular inspections. Methodologies, projects and tasks must be able to be split into outcomes that are clear to explain to other team members and customers.
  3. Adaptation to changes - Team members, managers and executives have to accept that only change is permanent and there is always space for improvements. Bureaucracy cannot prevent daily adjustments of processes.

When these three requirements are fulfilled, everyday work transforms from a product development to a continuous process improvement and team development. And when team members can affect better to their work, also personal motivation grows. With well motivated and adaptable team it’s possible to adjust development work to support the ultimate goal: Customer satisfaction enabled by early and continuous delivery of valuable software.

And yes, those three cornerstones are also the three pillars of Scrum.

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